Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hello My Name is World Trav'ler Toronto-Canada

HMNIWT is delighted to have spent a fabulous Wednesday in the company of 240 bright minded High Schoolers in Toronto, Canada. We were blown away the ethnic diversity of those students in attendance. It is amazing to know that the greater world at large benefits by our willingness to “reach to teach”. When delicious food for thought is consumed by a hungry crowd of enthusiastic participants successes have to be claimed and we’re claiming our successes! Can’t wait to cook up another experience soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

People's Republic of China

I have just returned from People's Republic of China having taught at Huaibei Normal University for the last year. It was a fabulous experience that reinforced in me some lessons that I have grown to believe and demonstrate. 

First & Foremost...Travel matters! To read of a place or hear someone talk of visiting a destination or catching a snippet of a story on the evening news is entirely different than living and immersing yourself in a faraway land and all that their culture has to offer.

Secondly, there are students in our world who are eager to stretch their imaginations and grateful for
experiences that prepare them for their opportunities in waiting.
Most importantly I learned again that my style of interaction works.  China is the 37th country I have visited and again I take great pride in knowing that I'm leaving a small thumbprint in tiny towns along tmy way .  From buying medicine for the elderly, to supplying winter blankets for poor villagers, to floating micro-loans to the deserving, to securing eye glasses and sporting equipment for children who benefit by benevolence, to educating university students in the classroom...it all matters. 

I am a global ambassador of youth but more importantly I am a citizen of the United States of America who has chosen to travel and seeks opportunities to reach and teach.

My life is enriched by the choices I have made!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Haley Thomas, F.F.I. Ambassador for Youth, conducts research in South Africa

F.F.I. is proud to annoint and announce Haley Thomas as an Ambassador for Youth days before she sets out to South Africa to conduct an independent research about the importance of self-image. Haley, a political science major at College of Charleston, designed an initiative that will take her to a small village with the intent of capturing poinant portaits of the villagers. She will then have them printed, sleeved, and ceremoniously presented to each villager with intent of building self-esteem through gift. Miss Thomas recognized on her last trip to Africa that very few villagers had photos of themselves. She also concluded that those beautiful photos that she captured along the way, must be left behind believing that those individuals that were so gracious in allowing their pictures to be taken would genuinely appreciate and benefit by her willingness to give back. What a brilliant concept! We, here in Myrtle Beach, wish her safe tavels as she works to impress and potentially impact those who need it most.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I recently returned from Huntsville, Alabama having assisted in the development of The Studio of Tennessee Family Services . This dynamic, federally funded program will serve runaway/homeless street youth and has adopted the "travlers" philosphy that prepares each indivual to move forward in knowing that where they come from is not where they will ultimately end up. Staff was trained in utilizing very progressive language that been proven effective in meeting our young friendz where they are knowing that they will ultimately travel onward. Support services, counseling, and art programming will be made available with the intent of getting each client further faster.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Off to Florida State University to share
Hello...My Name is World Travler seminar with a crew of talented, enthusiastic student leaders. Global Photography, Slick Slideshow, Global Passports with Visas, Live Music, "Poor Man's Theater", Critical Thought, and Great Conversation culminate into an experience that emphasizes the importance of service to others as a necessity for each of us as we move forward on our "personal paths of progress".

Several thanks are in order.

To John Robertson, Director of Training for the Youth & Family Services Network for facilitating our worthwhile affair.

To Dr. Laura Osteen and Dr. Steve Mills of The Center for Leadership & Civic Education for inviting John and I to participate in conversation that matters.

And to the students themselves for their willingness to serve and support.

I'll look forward to our next convene and am delighted by our last.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Operation: Have Passport Will Travel - The Conclusion

As we move into the twelfth and final week of Operation: Have Passport Will Travel I want to thank the 10 area high schoolers, Samantha, Sade, Shaun, Christina, Tae, Paige, TC, Brandon, Tyree, and Sage, who watched the movies, discussed aspects of each film that were important, and responded to thought provoking questions/prompts as part of our effort to get them a viable United States Passport.

I also want to praise both Academy of Art, Science, & Technology and Waccamaw Youth Center for hosting such a worthwhile, culturally rich experience.

I also recognize that success is never "me' exclusive.
Developing thought provoking experiences and putting them in motion, to a place of complete, typically depends on a crew of like minded people. Cathy Hall, James Sellers, Dr. Bill Davis, Jessica Durivage, Carl Kerridge and Linda Look all played pivotal roles in the developement, implementation, and successful completion of this fantastic initiative.

We look forward to reorganizing our effort and replicating our successes for a new group of participants in the spring with Dr. Bill Davis acting in a capacity of facilitor.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Operation: Have Passport Will Travel

Into our 9th week of watching global movies that reach to teach. Last week, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, lends to smart dialogue about WWII and the Holocaust. Great fun it is to watch young minds expand. Several more weeks and applications for U.S. passports will be mailed on behalf of the 10 teenagers who completed the program. Their progress not by coincidence but by careful design.