Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dr. Bill Davis, Dear friend, Mentor, Boss for 2 Years and Local Nobleman

To whom it may concern,

SOS is in its 20th year of serving our community. The method that has brought the greatest service has been to capture the best talent in the arena that we seek to serve. We then support that person in their best practices to enhance their work.

The most extraordinary talent we have found in 20 years is Jesse Jordan, our Ambassador for Youth. He is a modern day Pied Piper having found hundreds of youth and leaders of youth who wish to sit at his feet and learn. His kind of learning is both effective and fun. His innovative methods and language have drawn young and those educating the young to clamor after him locally and everywhere he ventures.

His background as a foster and then adopted child make him a wounded healer. He understands and appreciates kid's who are struggling. His Master's degree level education have prepared him to develope programs that address the needs of these struggling youth. His breadth of life experiences as an adult immersing himself in many cultures for months at a time provide him the richest wealth of stories in capturing the attention of youth. His skill at photography allows Jesse to show a picture that says "a thousand words" to make his point to young people. His Christian motivation to help struggling youth has made him give what it takes to reach youth without judgement or partiality.

SOS offers Jesse as a gift to the world since we cannot contain him and keep him for ourselves. Anyway, he is too grand to keep as a secret.

Bill Davis, MD
Founder and Director
S.O.S. Health Care 1989-2009
Volunteer Child Advocate

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