Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Operation: Have Passport Will Travel - The Conclusion

As we move into the twelfth and final week of Operation: Have Passport Will Travel I want to thank the 10 area high schoolers, Samantha, Sade, Shaun, Christina, Tae, Paige, TC, Brandon, Tyree, and Sage, who watched the movies, discussed aspects of each film that were important, and responded to thought provoking questions/prompts as part of our effort to get them a viable United States Passport.

I also want to praise both Academy of Art, Science, & Technology and Waccamaw Youth Center for hosting such a worthwhile, culturally rich experience.

I also recognize that success is never "me' exclusive.
Developing thought provoking experiences and putting them in motion, to a place of complete, typically depends on a crew of like minded people. Cathy Hall, James Sellers, Dr. Bill Davis, Jessica Durivage, Carl Kerridge and Linda Look all played pivotal roles in the developement, implementation, and successful completion of this fantastic initiative.

We look forward to reorganizing our effort and replicating our successes for a new group of participants in the spring with Dr. Bill Davis acting in a capacity of facilitor.

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