Friday, June 24, 2011

Haley Thomas, F.F.I. Ambassador for Youth, conducts research in South Africa

F.F.I. is proud to annoint and announce Haley Thomas as an Ambassador for Youth days before she sets out to South Africa to conduct an independent research about the importance of self-image. Haley, a political science major at College of Charleston, designed an initiative that will take her to a small village with the intent of capturing poinant portaits of the villagers. She will then have them printed, sleeved, and ceremoniously presented to each villager with intent of building self-esteem through gift. Miss Thomas recognized on her last trip to Africa that very few villagers had photos of themselves. She also concluded that those beautiful photos that she captured along the way, must be left behind believing that those individuals that were so gracious in allowing their pictures to be taken would genuinely appreciate and benefit by her willingness to give back. What a brilliant concept! We, here in Myrtle Beach, wish her safe tavels as she works to impress and potentially impact those who need it most.


  1. Thanks! See everyone in a month :)

  2. I'm never surprised at the creative and powerful work coming out of FFI and friends.